A Kitten Named Mittens Misses Dinner

Once upon a time, there was a kitten named Mittens who loved his dinner more than anything in the world. Every night at 6pm, his human would give him a bowl of warm, delicious milk and a plate of soft, fluffy kibble. Mittens would eat so fast that he would often get milk all over his face, but he didn’t care. He just loved his dinner so much.

One night, Mittens’ human forgot to give him his dinner. Mittens waited and waited, but no dinner came. He started to get hungry. He meowed and meowed, but his human didn’t hear him.

Mittens went to bed that night hungry and sad. He dreamed of all the delicious food he could have had for dinner. He dreamed of warm, creamy milk and soft, fluffy kibble. He dreamed of chasing mice and playing with string.

When Mittens woke up the next morning, he was still hungry. He went to his bowl, hoping that his human had finally given him his dinner, but it was empty. Mittens started to cry. He didn’t know what to do.

Mittens’ human came into the room and saw Mittens crying. She felt terrible. She had completely forgotten to give Mittens his dinner the night before. She quickly filled up his bowl with milk and kibble. Mittens stopped crying and started to eat. He was so hungry that he ate everything in his bowl in a matter of minutes.

Mittens’ human learned a valuable lesson that day: never forget to feed your pet!

From that day on, Mittens’ human always made sure to give him his dinner on time. And Mittens never took his dinner for granted again. He knew that it was a precious gift.

A note from the editor: This short story is just for fun. Please do not give kittens regular milk or cream. It can upset their little tummies. If you have a kitten who still needs milk, but its mother cannot feed it, try to get special kitten formula or fresh goat’s milk. You can start transitioning them to moistened kitten food around 4 weeks.

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