Sweet Kitties Need A Home

These two sweeties have been hanging out in our garage. We would love to keep them but our cat is too territorial.

The black one likes to cuddle and knows how to use the doggy door. He has not learned how to climb our chain link fence yet. He took a few weeks to warm up to our dogs but is OK now as long as they don’t chase him. – Last night he napped with our little dog and I have to push him away from the dog’s bowl at breakfast.

The black and white one is more cautious and taking longer to warm up to our dogs. But he likes to be loved and sometimes tries to come in when people open the door. He wants to eat out of the dog dish but easier to discourage thank his brother.

If you are in the Wood County, Texas area and interested in adopting these two, please call or text 469-474-1258. I am not sure how well they would do if split up.

Created 2023-04-17.

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