African Clawed Frogs
Shopping & Resources

I no longer have African Clawed Frogs to sell from my home. They were great pets when I lived in an apartment, and I may get them again someday! When I do I will most likely get them from, which made an excellent impression on me years ago. – Learn more or buy frogs online

If you are serious about getting high-quality aquatic frogs and are willing to pay top dollar, can’t be beat! Their customer service is great. The frogs are well taken care of and shipped with care.

I found a link to the above video on I like this person’s tank setup!

Local Pet Stores & Breeders

You may be able to find aquatic frogs at your local pet stores or online communities such as craigslist. Do proceed with caution and pay attention to the conditions. My concern when buying from less reputable places is the possibility of overbreeding / inbreeding.

Connecting with other frog owners – HELP!

Please comment below if you know of any active groups or forums that focus on African Clawed Frogs. The ones I belonged to are either gone or inactive.

There is a private African Clawed Frog Owners group on Facebook.

Other Exotic & Aquatic Options from Josh’s Frogs

If African Clawed Frogs have sparked your interest and you are curious what else is out there, check out Josh’s Frogs!*

* I do not have any personal experience with Josh’s Frogs, but know people who do and they have only positive things to say! As with any new pet, do keep in mind that these are live animals each with their own needs for care. Do your research before purchasing!

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